The Beerness

You want to "go where everybody knows your name?"

it could happen here,

the staff here often befriend the clientele.

As for the clientele,

before long everyone may know your name,

pronunciation on the other hand,

well lets just say BEERNESS is one big worldwide family,

embracing, free spirits locally and globally.

Hanker for a hunk o'cheese?

Can't help ya, fine beer?

On tap and in bottles,

Game of pool, foozeball,

Ping-Pong, chess, dice or dominoes perhaps?

Can do,

no problem.

Possibly you desire nothing more than put a quarter in the juke box and lounge by the fire place,

sipping your favorite cocktail and munching on peanuts,

casually dropping the shells on the floors.

This kind of behavior is encouraged at BEERNESS.

Stop by,

hang out,

before long not only will everybody know your name,

but you may find yourself saying European things like


"what's the crack ?"


and of course "let's party now".