JosephJoseph is from Prague, and if you can't tell by his accent, watch the man throw a party. He built the place with his bear hands, and to party is the purpose. He makes every drink in every book, and won't acknowledge the term "wall flower".

mat He'll open the door for you (as long as you're of age), shake your hand, and greet you with a smile. He's the nicest doorman you've ever met as long as you're here to party with a positive vibe.

Richard Richard knows plenty about plenty, and will gladly share his knowledge if you can catch him between songs. Once the music starts, the man is in motion. So place your order and stand back because standing still aint his gig. He's also known for the best Swedish lemonade this side of the Alps!

Roxxan The jewel of the bar, but don't let her good looks fool you. She's quick with a drink and with her wit. No matter how inspiring, don't stare to long at her smile, it might make you blind. No matter how incredibly delicious, don't drink too many of her Alabama Slamma's. They're gauranteed to impair more than your vision.