1st Annual
Virtual Cyberlounge Session

As it happened on June 7, 1997

Part 2

Haaz Kwas: Hola, you Freaks
Grover: Storytime!
Grover: hey
Grover: what do the dead drink in their coffee?
Haaz Kwas: 
Grover: Storytime!
Haaz Kwas: What do the dead drink, amigo?
Grover: creme-ation!
Grover: hellooooooo
Grover: someone is there, yes?
Grover: Storytime!
Haaz Kwas: 
friend: ahoy!
Grover: haaz!
Haaz Kwas: Creme-ation!  Ooouuu!  Hello Sir Grove!
Grover: hi friend
Haaz Kwas: We are transmitting LIVE from the 1st annual CyberBall!
kelly: where's mo
Grover: Sir Haaz, hello, do I have to cont.?
Haaz Kwas: Welcom all!
Grover: did you ever see a pig with a wooden leg?
Haaz Kwas: Grove, where  are you journeying from?
Haaz Kwas: Go on and talk amongst yaselves..Athena Alex will now host for a moment...
Grover: Richmond CA
Grover: Richmond CA
Grover: well, I saw a pig with a wooden leg
Haaz Kwas: Cool!
Grover: and I asked the guy about it
Haaz Kwas: What do you call a sleeping  bull?
Haaz Kwas: A Bull-Dozer!  Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!
Grover: he said, "yeah, that pig saved my whole family from a fire"
Dork: Pork You
Grover: "and he even dragged the baby out of a burning bedroom"
Dork: What is this place?
Grover: but when an animal's that smart
chel: didn't get that one
chel: hey
chel: oof now i'm lagged
Haaz Kwas: kelly get your ass down here cyeber saten needs you for the door!
Grover: hi chel
Dork: You mean Satan?
Grover: you don't want to eat him all at once
Haaz Kwas: CyberSatan here, Which Kelly am I dealing with?
Grover: chat's just getting started
Dork: Le Brock
Haaz Kwas: No, Dork--that would be the one from Burning Man.  H'seen downsized; I'm the one now...
Dork: The one what?
Haaz Kwas: And now, back to your regularly scheduled cyberjockey...
Grover: ahnk
Haaz Kwas: hey bb and  julio  where are you?
Dork: I'm Dork, Rob
Grover: julio speaks only to me now
Rob: Im stuck
Dork: How U Like Me Now?
Haaz Kwas: 
Grover: take off yer shoes
Dork: Any naked chic pics?
dj: welcome to island boy room
Grover: look for my girlfriend
Grover: she has a hoop skirt and a top hat
Dork: What happened?
Grover: call her Sadie
Grover: possibly with a mermaid
Grover: hey DJ!
Dork: Trashoids, it's Julio & BB, acknowledge us or we're out
Dork: 5, 4, 3.....
dj: ok, so how's it going, i'm you're new host
Grover: hey Dork!
Grover: hey Dork!
dj: anyone here
Dork: You're early. We want Kwaaz.
Rob: I'm stuck
dj: hahahhhh... he's gone... having fun now....
Dork: As usual, Kwaaz shirks all responsibilities.
dj: you're stuck with me now
Dork: Who are you?
tricker: hey mo
dj: i'm dj, who else would i be
Dork: enlightening
dj: how do you like the picture?
Rob: any pics from the ball yet?
dj: working on it
dj: howdy rob
Rob: yahoo to you dj what in the mix?
Rob: dj, ignore the typo...long day
Rob: ...and unfortunately a short night.
dj: music? in between  right now, techno
dj: wher you at, now, rob?
Rob: in Davis,Ca  80 miles from u. got tests to study for...no fun for me
dj: awwwww, i understand, just finished schoool for the year
Rob: in that case you feel me then.
Rob: How many people there?
Rob: Tell me something...is there really a hot tub there...i'll be really pissed if I missing that.
dj: about 200, say
Misha: howyadoin!
Rob: hi misha...as well as can be expected.
Misha: Kul, sorry you have to study
dj: you're luck, the hot tub is a vicious rumor
Misha: too bad I was looking forward to it.
Rob: Misha...your sorry!...so what are you doing otherwise tonight?
Misha: How much 'Costume" is required? anyone refused?
Rob: Misha...are you going to the ball?
Misha: either going, or staying home and doing some work
dj: ok, wer changing  over to squid boy, now
Rob: Misha, if you go what's the costume gonna be?
Misha: That's the problem for me to figger out real qwik
Rob: Think, Think, Think...dj any suggestions for Misha
Rob: dj...what are some of the costumes people are wearing?

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