1st Annual
Virtual Cyberlounge Session

As it happened on June 7, 1997

Part 3

Scott: Laughing Squid is on the case!
katsklaw: meow!
Misha: How 'bout a geek with a creative block?
Misha: purrrr to you too!
Rob: Misha...what's that gonna look like? Gotta go...currently at a cybercafe that's expensive as hell! Have fun!
Misha: later grizley doode
Scott: DJ has leaft the lounge. Circus X is now performing.
Scott: There are pizza and cherrys everywhere.
michael: hello
Scott: Try the chai, it's delicious.
Scott: Greetings from  the  lovely Bayview area of SFThe housing projects on the hill are smiling down upon us.
Scott: A new band has just taken the stage.They sound thick.
Scott: Who's there.  Am I talking to myself?
Scott: La di da.  Ho hum.  Cyberspace is 


Scott: Michael, are you still in the lounge? Scott: Scott: Scott: kk: Y I OTTA kk: So, I'm wonderin' whether to dragg my butt over there or not kk: damn this tcp connexion! Scott: check-in! This is eL banDitO--who's here? kk: well, maybe its a happenin' party and nobody wants to play with a stupid computer. Scott: this terminal takes forever to load the site, so I will be go....Enjoy! Haaz Kwas: Hola Haaz Kwas: Hello...hello...hello..Is there anybody out there? Haaz Kwas: Cyber Freaks...Check in a little later...it is now 11:30pm..Roby Red is next !...
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