HEy WhErE da
fhREaKs at?

CYBERBUSS 2004 schedule of events:


JULY 4th Weekend
CYBERBUSS will be heading to da 2nd Annual Burnin' Bush Festival
( www.burninbush.org ) again this year in Gerlach, Nevada.
We plan to meet at Trego Hot springs on June 30th-July 1st.
Inquire fer mo' data.

AUG 14th
Traditional Street fhREaK
get that silver clad marching band gear ready.
most likely we will be meeting at Ocean Beach and just sneak attacking cafes, pizza places, art galleries and bars along the way.
Our sneak attack plan is to not stay more than 20 minutes in any one place.

AUG 15th
3rd Annual CYBERBUSS fhREaK Olympics
All ages come compete against the worlds fhREaKieSt Atheletes
This event will most likely be in the same location (Candlestick
Recreational Area - Near 3Com Park in SF)

SEPTEMBER 16th - 19th
8th Annual Art Car Fest - San Francisco Bay Area
Come get jiggy wid us at the West Coast's largest gathering of Art Cars
at da Art Car Fest ( www.artcarfest.com )

OCTOBER 2004 or MAY 2005?
Still looking fer a place to host the world's fhReaKieSt party, The
CYBERBUSS cOstUmE BaLL.  Any suggestion for a bare bones outdoor venue
that is not in a noise-sensitve area please send them to us
immediately.  We leave every place better than we found it and are not
afraid of doing "heavy-labor" improvements.

Long live peace, love and fhRaKishNesS,

CYBERBUSS loves you




WHEN: Sunday, August 15  *  1PM *
WHERE:  At the secret Candlestick Park in Hunter's Point



1:00 PM

Meet at Candlestick Point Recreation Area


1:30 PM

Break into teams of 5-7 people
Choose team name

Get stencil painted on shirts

Put on colored bibs to ID teams


2:00 PM

Opening Ceremony - Greased Wiener Passing and Freak Flag Waving Opening Ceremony Song

2:30 PM

Let the Games Begin!!


Blindfold Chicken Race Relay

Each team lines up single file behind starting line. First person in each line puts on a blindfold and runs like a blind chicken in hell to the finish area, clucks and squawks loudly and then turns around and comes back to sit down at the back of his/her team's line. The first person then hands blindfold to the next person, who then repeats. Continue until all team members are back in line. The first team to complete the relay and all be sitting like hens on eggs wins.


Snazzy Sack Race Relay

Each team lines up single file behind marker. First persons in line get in da sack and hops like a funky bad little bunny to the finish area, turns around and comes back to sit down at the back of his/her team's line. Next person in line then hops like a hell bound rabbit train in a sack and returns to the line and sits down ... The first team to complete the relay and all be sitting like soft, quiet bunnies WINS.


Three Legged Race

Teams break into pairs and tie their inside ankles together with provided rope. Then pairs line up single file behind marker with your team members. When that whistle blows, first pairs will compete to see who can hobble and wobble to the finish area and back to the starting line and sit down at the end of their line. Then the next pairs go until all team members are done...first team to have all members sitting down WINS.


Frisky Cougar Freeze Dance Extravaganza

Whose ready to bust a move, get on that groove and shake that rump til

Tuesday? AWWWW YEEEEEAAAA......!!!!!!!!!

When the music starts, all team members start dancing when it stops you must freeze if you are caught moving you are thrown out of town. Last one standing WINS for their team!


Mattress Relay Race

This event combines sprinting while lugging a mattress. Pass the mattress to your teammates like a baton. Napping on the mattress is not recommended unless yer team has a strong lead.


Country Cracker Whistle Challenge

Choose one team member of your team to compete against one person from other team. When the whistle blows each person eats a bunch of Saltine crackers and then attempts to whistle. Whomever whistles best first WINS!


PVC Pole Vault Point Arena

S pecial Guest Referee Sam will lead this death-defying contest of courage. Hurl yourself over the couch with grace and agility to win this game. The first team to have ALL team members successfully vault over the coach wins.


Jumping Jack Clothes Switch Race

Divide teams into pairs. When the whistle blows each pair puts on clothes from the provided pile - pants, scarves, dresses, whatever, as fast as possible. When both people are dressed they must hold hands and skip to the finish line, take off the clothes, then run back to the starting line while doing Jumping Jacks. When they return to the starting line, they take off their clothes and give to the next pair who then repeat. First team to have all members returned and sitting WINS.


Tug - A - Whore Race

Each team chooses who will be their Team Pimp. TP lays down on rug and when the whistle blows, Team A must pull their TP on the rug to the finish line while Team B creates obstacles to hinder them. Next Team B pulls their TP while Team A creates obstacles. Team with best time wins!


Duct Tape Disaster Challenge

Special Guest Referee Sam will lead this event as well. Choose two team members to compete against two members from other team. When the whistle blows each pair must wrap themselves together in duct tape. THEN they must unwrap themselves to be separated. First pair to run free wins.


Tug - A - War

A sheer test of team strength and will. Bring yer gloves if you don't want blisters.


Roll your cursor over my face



"hEaT dA sRtEEt fhREaK"

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