SEPTEMBER 2000 was "back to fhREaK month" fer CYBERBUSS

key gigs:

BURNING MAN Aug 27th- Sep.5, 2000
our fifth tRiP to dA pLaYa
we'll be setting up our low-down toe Jam camp
somewhere around 8:00 and Feet Street


Pollo Enfermo joins CYBERBUSS in their stretch
Limo fer their first burning year ever.
Never to be da same.



SOLANO STROLL Sept 10, 2000
Giant 100,000+ parade in Berkeley on Solano Avenue



<-Sgt Hot Sauce fluffing her feathers




ART CAR FEST September 21-24, 2000
4th annual Art Car Fest
one of the best SF gigs of the year


<-here lots of kids kicking the pig




4th aNnUaL

BEST cancelled party of all time - the cops turned people away at da door, but da fhREaKs snuck in via a 35 foot slide and the party went on until sunset the next day.

DATE: Saturday May 13, 2000
LOCATION: Headless Point - Hunter's Point Industrial Bay Shore in San Francisco
TIME: 9:00 PM until Sunrise bEaCh fhREaK
ADMISSION: $15 at the gate, $12 donation with invite
COSTUMES: Are essential!! evolve your wildest visions of cyber~fhReaKy, post-industrial attire.
Costume Ball Press Release (Printable MS Word Document)
CYBERBUSS Press Release 2000
(Printable MS Word Document)


Must see pics from
this year's stReEt fhREaK
April 30, 2000
Some workshop photos from the last weekend in April 2000. These put up by our NYC connection Gametone Mike.
See Wrybread's Slide Show
From our prep work weekend.
A great preview of the new site.


And as usual SFstation has got the full scoop

702 Earl Street Off Innes
From 101 Take Ceasar Chavez (Army) Exit East
Take Right on Evans
Evans turns into Innes
On left about 1 mile
look for giant headless r
ocking horse

Please carpool if you can.

The CYBERBUSS fhREaKs present the 4th Annual CYBERBUSS cOstUmE BaLL on Saturday, May 13, 2000. The cOsTumE BaLL is a CYBERUSS benefit that will be held in a new private indoor/outdoor location on the industrial SF Bay Shore. It is an all-night celebration of absurdities where spontaneous comBUSStions of rhythm, creativity and relics of our urban landscape [revitalized in surprising ways] will inspire all to fhREaKy fairy-tale fun. Props, decorations and junk sculptures are created with dumpster scores and other throw-away materials.

Main Stage Line-up
10:00 Guilding the Lily - fRhEsH nEw EnergY
11:00 Eating Like Truck Drivers - Crazy Chicks
12:00 Pollo Enfermo - Ocean Beach Surf Band
1:00 Thomas Dimuzio - Live audio mix
2:00 Wave - Coming from NYCity
3:00 Kung Fu Grip/diRtY wHitE cRaCkErS - just when you thought it was safe

All will enter into another world where the line between audience and entertainers is dissolved -- participants are invited to frolic and be as fhREaKy as they please. Various interactive Urban Theme Units will be present such as "LoLa's Leopard Lounge" where visitors will be spanked and kissed into oblivion, "Cyber_Angel SugarShack Salon," where visitors will receive the most whacked-out make-overs they have ever faced, and the "Sheikdome" where visitors can experience more royalist, relaxation activities.

Here are some
fhREsH video clips from
last years ball,
Solano Stroll,
Death Valley Millenium Trip
and mo'

The night will be home to sounds of musical and live audio mixing visionaries such as "The Kung-Fu Grip," "DiRTy wHiTe cRaCkeRs," "Eating Like Truck Drivers," "Guilding the Lily," and "Thomas Dimuzio." "Wave" from New York City and the Ocean Beach surf band, "Pollo Enfermo" (Aka Sick Chicken), will add fresh, new energy to the Ball. Da CYBERBUSS's very own drum and dance troupe, "CYBERBUSS Mobile phREaK phORcE," will be marching and infiltrating all parts of the carnival environment. In the giant indoor studio, DiGiTaL DaN's "cYBerCUBE Dance Theatre" will host a variety of ambient DJ's, VJ's and live visual mixes such as DJ Boomerang, DJ Mermaid, Mr. Underpants, and Chrysalis.

Wrybread's weekly Web radio show, known as the Honey Pot Sessions, will host the online interaction. They will be posting live footage, streaming mp3s and hosting a live chat so that cyber~fhREaKs around the world will be able to attend and interact virtually. The Webcast will be accessible via and

All are invited to stay 'til dawn, when Analog Tom Morgan (aka DJ Super Tasty) will host the AnnuaL "SuNriSE StrEeT fhREaK." This year's early morning 'bEaCh fhREaK' will take place on one of the few undeveloped bay shore settings.

This is the last stand. It is an all night outside urban experience complete with trash can fires and urban theme units such as "Lolas Leopard Lounge," and "Cyber_Angel Sugarshack salon." It is what you get when you mix three weekends, a heaping pile of junk found in dumpsters and a whole bunch of fhREaKs."

This just in from LoLa, "LoLa's Leopard Lounge - smacks on asses and smooches for da masses,"
"LoLa's Palace 'o Pain: you been bad and need a big 'ole smack on da ass" and
"LoLa's Smooch Booth: you been good and deserve some lovin."

tease tease tease

LivE WEbcasT
In 2000
You could have found many of us in C Y B E R S P A C E
most Thursdays starting at 7:30 PM (PST)
aT dA weekly Wrybread Radio Free Web Cast
Honeypot Sessions

This picture is from our show at dA Kal Palace March 2, 2000
Home of SEEMEN Institute

Recent articles about KaL in:
Spin Magazine

Guerrilla Roller Derby
Part I and II

March 24th, 2000 AND July 22nd, 2000

What you get when you mix roller blades, roller skates, shopping carts, airport carts, a potted plant, office chairs, a bicycle with a rope attached and a whole bunch of fhREaKs

See the SF weekly write-up
See some Pictures

Here is what Red said about it:
"DERBY WAS AMAZING. I had so much fucking fun I thought I was going to burst at the seems. I loved every single moment of it. thank you, cyber, for hosting such a marvelous event. LONG LIVE THE CYBERBUSS AND ALL THE CRAZY fhREaKs WHO ADORN IT."
Love on wheels,

dIrTy wHiTe cRaCKeRs and dA CYBERBUSS fhREaKs
was aT da Babylon Benefits
February 12, 2000
@ 539 Natoma in San Francisco

We hosted a Buss Aide Benefit to support da
CYBERBUSS Crankshaft Foundation

January 29, 2000 @ R PRoductions in San Francisco
See Red's virtual trip of da night


"hEaT dA sRtEEt fhREaK"

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