1st Annual
Virtual Cyberlounge Session

As it happened on June 7, 1997

Part 1

eL banDitO: Let's do this thing....
eL banDitO: Greetings all...Just dropping in to be sure that this place is up and humming...
eL banDitO: "See" you on Saturday....
lbill: anyone here
lbill: that's a big no
lbill: "See" you on Saturday
Cyber Cowboy: Salutations from the West
Cyber Cowboy: yahooooooo...
Cyber Cowboy: Cody Cabana
Cyber Cowboy: Here with C y b e r sAM 
Cyber Cowboy: Salutations from the West
Cyber Cowboy: Welcome fhreAKies to our Cyber Lounge.  Get ready to get fhREaKy  Saturday night at the 1st Annual CYBERBUSS cOStUme BaLL
stkrvngmad: cyberbuss costume ball anyone
stkrvngmad: hi, who's gonna 'be' there on saturday?
stkrvngmad: hi, who's gonna 'be' there on saturday?
stkrvngmad: ew. this thing is pokey on my system. sorry i posted twice.
stkrvngmad: those in actual attendance should be sure not to miss Sexpot, playing at the ball atop the beautiful bus...
Haaz Kwas: Buenos Noches los Locos
Haaz Kwas: See ya all Saturday...
Haaz Kwas: CyberSam, maybe see you tonight at the fiesta...Chow!
C y b er sAM I Am : Greetings fhREaKies
C y b er sAM I Am : Hey y'all the virtual shedule of  c y b e r jockeys will be soon posted at http://www.cyberbuss.com/calendar.htm
C y b er sAM I Am : I shiver for a sliver of silver skin
C y b er sAM I Am : See you Saturday between 9PM and 4AM
frank: dazer
Cyber Cowboy: HI HO SILVER AWAY !
gargeek: HuH
Homer The Brave: woo
Homer The Brave: anee boodee there?
Mike: Whatever
Mike: What should I expect on 
Mike: sorry, what should I expect at Sat's party?
Mike: bye
phred: why is there air?
phred: why is there air?
jetcat: Zip! Zoop!
Cyber sAM: eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Cyber sAM: This is what you should expect
Rob S: HowUlIkeMeNow
Rob S: HowULikeMeNow
Rob S: Hey Sam
cdemon: if
Yanni: Hi
betty and laura: howdy from the punks in minnesorta
betty and laura: what is the nature of this gathering?
betty and laura: is there anybody out there?
bruno: I know it's a dog name! I'm french!
bruno: where can I see what'ss happening now  ?
repoman5: What the hell are you lookin at?
repoman5: Any body here?
Haaz Kwas: Buenos tardes los locos
Haaz Kwas: Como se, How Do you Freaks!"
Haaz Kwas: Remember, the cyber lounge will be open at 9pm PST (12am EST) 
Haaz Kwas: Many  FrEAky pictures on the way...oooouuuuwwweeee!...
Haaz Kwas: It is now 6:20pm (PST)...the ll is just under way.  Athena Alex says, "Hola!"
Haaz Kwas: BTW:  "the ll is just.."  should read, "the ball is just...":-)
Haaz Kwas: Our Chat session will begin at 9:00PM
Haaz Kwas: Msg from Cody-Cabana:  We need toasters.  Bring all toasters to the Ball!
Haaz Kwas: Hello fhREaKies
Haaz Kwas: It is now a FreAky 8:20pm PST :-)
chel: hey
chel: it is now 8:34pm pst
Haaz Kwas: HEY FREAKIES!!!!!
chel: HEY!
Haaz Kwas: Live from the cyberbuss!!!!!!!
chel: Woo HOO!
chel: right on!  anything goin' on now?
chel: pfabulous people arriving?
Haaz Kwas: I'm sunburned from setting all the crazy things up this morn
Haaz Kwas: Morrison Hotel is performing atop the bus
Haaz Kwas: A DOors simulated experience
Haaz Kwas: The people are faboo
Haaz Kwas: i happen to be wearing a tu-tu cause it's my 22nd b-day
Haaz Kwas: who and where are you chel?
chel: That is so cool!
chel: And Happy BIRTHDAY!!
chel: I am actually at work in SOMA right now...
Haaz Kwas: awww thanks, man
chel: my shift doesn't end until 11...I'm Michelle :)
Haaz Kwas: there will be many pictures posted thru out the eve on the web
chel: excellent!  I'm lookin' forward to being entertained :)
Haaz Kwas: come on down!!!!
chel: at 11?
Haaz Kwas: party goes til a pancake breakfast at 6
chel: So how do you like Morrison Hotel?
Haaz Kwas: wear a lot of crazy things, tho...
Haaz Kwas: it
chel: wow!  sounds totally intense :)  I don't know if I have any crazy things unpacked yet - just moved here
Haaz Kwas: it's just like bringing Jim outta the grave
Haaz Kwas: the band i'm interested in seeing comes on last-
Haaz Kwas: here are the facts you requested-  my bro's band
chel: well all right!  nothin' better for a party than a life after death experience! ;) what band are you waiting for?
Haaz Kwas: a bit o' lag here
chel: I see that...
Haaz Kwas: where you from ?
Haaz Kwas: i've only been here a few weeks myself- out from baltimore
Haaz Kwas: i gotta pee and there's all these people in the bathroom putting on makeuop
Haaz Kwas: dude....i gotta go- but more people will be back from
Haaz Kwas: time to time
Haaz Kwas: time to time
Haaz Kwas: PARTY ON
chel: OK, take care!
Haaz Kwas: Alert!  Someone was impersonating Haaz Kwas!
Haaz Kwas: The REAL Haaz Kwas is here now!
Haaz Kwas: Calling all NJ Freaks...
Haaz Kwas: Calling all CT freaks...
Haaz Kwas: Calling all NY Freaks..
Haaz Kwas: Calling all PA Freaks...
Haaz Kwas: Calling Mayor R. Guiliani...
Haaz Kwas: Calling Mayor W. Brown...
Haaz Kwas: Let's....
b-boy: all hail dancing fools
Haaz Kwas: Get....
Haaz Kwas: Welcome b-boy!
Haaz Kwas: Calling Lou Gerstner...
Haaz Kwas: Hey, Madona.  Are you ready to Freak?
Haaz Kwas: The first of MANY CyberBall pics are on the way!!!
Haaz Kwas: It just keeps getting freakier, and freakier, and freakier, and......
b-boy: where will i find the pics
Haaz Kwas: they will be posted very soon!
Haaz Kwas: they will be right on this screen
Haaz Kwas: stay tuned...
Haaz Kwas: :)
Haaz Kwas: :)
Haaz Kwas: Hello fhREaKies
Haaz Kwas: 
Haaz Kwas: Early pics are high res...sorry!
Haaz Kwas: Next batch will lower res, thus, faster viewing...

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