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Saturday, June 30th, 2001

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    cyber buss
    I discovered the Cyber Buss at the Fremont Fair. Here is a little online interview with one of the members known as: uh-oh

    > Doesn't your group has a digital camera?
    > yeah, i think there were three on da buss...
    but sometimes yer too busy havin too good of a time to stop and shoot.

    > Where r u now?
    now, i am in northern califonia. i got off the
    buss...well i'm never really "off the buss", but, i flew outta canada, the buss voyaged onward. it's
    probably droppin into montana or idaho by now.

    > Where can I c pixs of you guys?
    go to http://cyberbuss.com/
    click on the station and the tour will be posted... so far its just the first half of the trip that's up. artvansf should have some shots soon too.

    > Do u have a bio?
    look through the site.. you'll find artist statements and articles, music, events, and goofy shit..you'll also get a feel fer it fer yourself. instead of me tellin you what it is, it'll be a personal experience unique to you. then, you can tell me what your interaction was/is. it's a lot about interaction..and fun...play...spontaneous creation...

    i don wanna tell you; you tell me.

    i think you felt some of what we're about at the fair.

    > Do u keep a journal?
    the site is a journal.
    C y b e r s A M ( trick bike ridin, buss drivin, hand standin, web designin, stilt walkin, chin balancin, sliver buss boy extrordinare) keeps the site updated with new adventures fer all those ridin da buss in virtual seats.

    he gets e-mails from thousands of people who have had experiences with the buss in whatever reality. it's beautiful to watch all the
    different people "get on board"

    eventually a book will journal it all.

    > Do you travel with a lap top?
    there were at least two on this trip. the buss is
    equipped with golf cart batteries, adapters, solar, ricochet, satalite telephone and whatever else. i'm not the person to explain all the hows or whats, but i know the why...

    the birthing of the buss was to enable a workspace
    from anywhere a buss can go. an office with no walls. and fer those who have to stay cubed in those walls, well they are welcome to come too, virtually.

    ...lots o fHrEAks found their way on board.

    > How many are in your group?
    as fer whos on the buss..? well, who's to say. the buss is crusin and there is always room fer one more.i think there are almost 90,000 virtual travelers. of course, at the fair, we didn't have the buss, we were all in the art van..http://artvansf.com./ the buss had
    ta get a new tranny. but it all worked out, art van to the rescue.

    i think we are going to have an art van cyberbuss
    wedding after this trip.

    > How do u guys pay for gas and matches?
    i think we are going to have an art van cyberbuss
    wedding and put up a money tree fer donations fer gas and matches and a tranny.

    ArtVan member sucks toes of another member while holding a cold can of beer.

    > Can I ask u a bunch of q's?

    amanda, otherwise known as uh-oh.

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